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INTRATECH Limited is also involved in supplying, installation, maintenance, surveying and consultation related to:
  • DELTA - UPS Systems from 2KVA up to 1000KVA(Modular)

  • Data Centre - Power, Rack Systems and Cooling

  • PV Solar panels, Regulators and Mounting Hardware

  • Solar Inverters ( Largest Inverter with over 300 Modules)

  • PV Solar Systems for professional and residential use(turnkey projects)

  • Wind Generators

  • DC and AC Backup Systems

  • Batteries for standby and solar applications

  • Diesel Generators (up to 2 MVA)

  • Cooling Systems

Our Products

Amplon (> 1kVA)

Ultron (> 10kVA)

Power Management

Modulon (Modular UPS)

Agilon (≤ 1.5kVA)


Precision Cooling

Rack & Accessories

Active Power Filter (APF)